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The stock market API powered by SQL

Have unlimited insight into the stock market. Screen stocks, identify trends, track performance, find patterns, and more in an all-in-one simple SQL-based JSON API.

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Hotstoks sample SQL queries running on Insomnia API client

Flexible without constraints

Current stock screeners feel limited and cumbersome to use, and they only scratch the surface of what’s possible with SQL. By writing queries instead of fiddling with UI options, you can take full advantage of features not available in any screener like logical operators, date and math functions, between, like and many other expressions that work exceptionally well for finding stocks.

One of a kind

Stock market API’s, fall short in supporting complex filters and implement several endpoints for different operations with a distinct set of parameters that are not always standardized, making it a pain to use. Hotstoks bridges the gap between a powerful screener with an easy-to-use API in a single endpoint by supporting SQL for filtering stocks and JSON for results providing a straightforward integration with existing tools and languages.


Hotstoks works by aggregating several stock market data sources in near real-time, pre-computing metrics like percentage performance across many indicators like price, volume, 52 weeks high and low, moving averages, and more to deliver a rock-solid highly scalable API built on top of AWS services like API Gateway, Lambda, RDS Proxy, MySQL and SQS.

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